I’m continuing the knitting series today with the newest addition to my daughter’s sweater collection.

I loved making my daughter sweaters when she was little, but she went through a phase in elementary school and middle school when she absolutely refused to wear sweaters I made. I reluctantly turned my needles to other things. Once high school hit, however, she began to appreciate a good, warm sweater. Now that she’s full size 🙂 they take a bit longer to  make, but I do try to make her one a year.



This Maeve sweater by Carrie Bostick Hoge was the perfect choice for this year. My daughter picked out a cadet blue super wash wool from Knit Picks and I was off.

This was a super fun and fast project, and it looks very flattering. I’m planning to look for a beautiful shawl pin to close the front and make the whole thing even cosier for the cold, New England Winter.


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