As a relatively new writer, I still squirm when I share my work with others, but Sarah’s gentle and positive approach made me wish I had discovered her sooner. (I found her through the Alliance of Independent Authors.) Her editing was clear, thorough and effective. Her background in teaching and child development made her the perfect editor for my children’s book. 
–Katherine Doyle, Blue’s River, 2019.
“These notes are amazing, and it totally got me back into the right headspace for where I was planning to go with this edit.”
–Kelsey Simon, YA writer


“I had the good fortune of finding Sarah through the Goodreads Beta Reader group to beta read two of my young adult novels. I cannot say enough about the professionalism and in depth comments that Sarah gave me through the course of two months. Her comments spanned character motivations, plot loop holes, and whether character actions made sense. Her comments were honest and helpful but never to the point of making me feel bad about some of the issues in my drafts. She even went as far to do line edits and grammar corrections. Sarah was also very prompt at returning her comments since I had her read my manuscript through three chapter chunks, a very lengthy process. Her experience as a writer and avid reader shine through the quality of her work. Overall, I would highly recommend her services as a beta reader or an editor to anyone who is looking for a professional, honest person to help improve their manuscript.”

–Frances Lynch, YA writer