Specializing in Middle Grade, Young Adult, Mysteries & Thrillers

I frequently miss my subway stop because I’m so engrossed in what I’m reading. I struggle to get up in the morning because of one-more-chapter syndrome. As a former teacher, though, I know that many readers don’t engage easily with books, it takes something exceptional to draw them in and keep their attention. And as a reviewer of middle grade and young adult books and thrillers, I know that many books with a great premise don’t live up to their potential. That’s why I’m an editor today. I work as a reader’s advocate and a writer’s partner to help shape your manuscript into something readers can’t put down and can’t wait to recommend to their friends.

Scroll down for a more detailed explanation of my fiction editing packages. I will edit a two page sample for free to ensure that we work together compatibly. Once I’ve seen and edited a sample, I can provide you with a quote.

Quick Critique/Beta Read

  • complete read-through of manuscript with consideration of plot, pacing, character development, etc.
  • letter outlining areas that are strong and areas that need work with suggestions of how work could be improved
  • margin notes: these are reader reactions from the first read through of the manuscript
  • may include a few line edits, especially for reader distractions or author tics
  • may include suggestions of resources, mentor texts, and links to help you with your revision or rewrite
  • up to ½ hour scheduled phone or email consultation for questions or to talk through solutions

Developmental Edit   

  • multiple reads of the manuscript with an eye to plot, character, consistency, pacing, and all the big picture parts of the story
  • detailed editorial letter outlining the main strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript with suggestions for fixes
  • notes throughout the manuscript using Track Changes comments feature to help you when you’re editing
  • up to one hour scheduled phone consultation for questions or to talk through solutions

Line Edit

  • detailed read of the manuscript with an eye to flow of the text, continuity, natural sounding dialogue –for children’s books this may include readability
  • one pass out loud to catch errors the eyes might not discern
  • detailed in-text edits in Track Changes
  • queries using Track Changes comments for continuity and other concerns
  • up to one hour scheduled phone consultation for questions or to talk through solutions

Author Coaching

I love to consult on manuscripts, and as an author I know that your needs don’t always fit in neat packages. I’m happy to consult or coach via phone, Skype, or email. I charge an hourly fee for this service.

Contact me at sarah @ sarahmonsma . com for more information.