Specializing in Primary and Elementary School Learners

Young learners are wonderful. Their curiosity and wonder in new concepts is unmatched by older children and adults. But young learners also have many challenges: the mechanics of reading and writing, their developing aural vocabularies, the constraints of a school day and state and federal regulations about learning.

I put my education and experience to work to make learning engaging, exciting, and effective for the youngest members of our education system. I draw on my background in child development and education and my experience as a teacher and museum educator to understand what students and teachers need. I’ve worked developing textbooks, video lessons, hands-on lessons, games, and parent and teacher materials. I’ve worked with state, national, and subject-specific standards to help build materials and education systems that help students learn English language arts, math, science, and social studies. I’m deadline focused and obsessed by quality. I love my job!

Looking for a writer or editor for your educational materials or student guide? Contact me: Sarah @ sarahmonsma.com